TOC : Art History Supplement, 4.2, March 2014

Art History Supplement, vol. 4, issue 2, March 2014

Table of Contents


1. Editorial. 4

2. G.M.P. (1911-1912), by Gertrude Stein. 11

3. The unknown masterpiece, by Honoré De Balzac. 94

4. A Manual of the Historical Development of Art, by Gustavus George Zerffi. 122

5. “Of Exotic and New Styles in Venice,” by Luigi Antonio Lanzi. 136

6. “How I met Enriqueta Harris and Tomas Harris,” by Nigel Glendinning. 166

7. CFP: Representations of the life of Leonardo da Vinci in motion pictures. 170

8. CFP: Louis Marin and the material condition. 173

9. Call for guest editors. 175

10. Call for artists. 176

11. Support us. 177


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