TOC: ‎Art History Supplement, Issue 002, June 2011

Table of contents


01. Editor’s note

02. The Florentine painters of the renaissance, by Bernhard Berenson

03. Art and socialism, by Roger Fry

04. Mailings from the margins: Paulo Bruscky, Leonhard Frank Duch and Edgardo Antonio Vigo’s mail art practice, by Vanessa K. Davidson

05. The exhibition of Bancroft’s collection of pre-Raphaelite art, by Magali Martin

06. Instructiones fabricate et supellectilis ecclesiasticae (selection), by Charles Borromeo, translated into English by Dr. Evelyn Carol Voelker

07. Next issue: Venetian art and criticism




CFP: Venetian art and criticism

 CFP: Venetian art and criticism
Submission deadline 15 July 2011
This is an open call for papers for the third Art history supplement (AHS). The proposed theme, but not limited to, is “Venetian art and
criticism.” Submission deadline 15 July 2011.
AHS publishes material, dealing with all time periods and/or methodologies, media (incl. cinema, photography, music), techniques, debates within the field of art history.
Contributions to AHS from any other science or discipline (humanitarian or not) corresponding to visual culture or representations of it are more than welcome.