Books received | Art History Supplement, vol. 2, no.2, March 2012


Oudsten, Frank den, (2012) space.time.narrative: the exhibition as post-spectacular stage, Surrey: Ashgate Publishing. (ISBN: 978-0-7546-7655-3).

Silbergeld, Jerome, Ching, Dora C.Y., Smith, Judith G., and Murc, Alfreda (2012) Bridges to Heaven: Essays on East Asian Art in Honor of Professor Wen C. Fong, Princeton: Princeton University Press. (ISBN13: 978-0-691-15298-1).





CFP: History of museology

History of museology
This is the open call for papers for the next Art History Supplement (AHS). The proposed general theme, but not limited to, is “History of museology”. Submission deadline 20 April 2012.

“History of museology” could include, among others, a) general aspects of pre-history and history of museums, galleries and museology, b)issues of collecting and exhibiting praxis, c) stories of people working in such environments, d) personal histories that reveal a vital role in the study of museums as an independent academic field of study, e) museum administration and management issues based on concrete examples, f) museums, theories and people, g) the role and the subject of museum education / communication, h) programming and designing a museum or an exhibition, and i) aspects of organizing a museum or an exhibition from the idea of something to the opening of museum doors to public.
AHS publishes material, dealing with all time periods, methodologies, media, techniques and debates within the field of art history. Contributions from any other science (social or not) corresponding to material culture are also welcome.