CFP: From Picture to Motion Picture and Back Again

Call for papers

“From Picture to Motion Picture and Back Again”

Art History Supplement, May 2014


Deadline for submission of 150-word abstract: November 17, 2013

Deadline for submission of final articles: February 16, 2014


Contact: Sylwia Kucharska, Guest Editor,


Art History Supplement welcomes proposals for articles on relations, analogies and affinities between film and painting, and in the wider context history of art. Both forms of art have dedicated research fields – art history and film studies. However, the interdisciplinary direction in humanities, which has dominated academic discourse in recent years, sanctioned the view on both fields of research in one, common view, eg. Mitchell’s visual studies (1992) or narratology of Mieke Bal (1985).


Is the film “Girl with a Pearl Earring” depicting an art history, and, therefore, is or can a film become an auxiliary science for the history of art? What lies underneath the concept of film’s “picturesqueness”? Could we discuss the “movieness” of a painting? Is the concept base for art and film (eg. form, depth, composition) truly analogical? Are art history-related interpretation theories and methodology useful for film studies? Is storyboard (aka narration) the “missing link” between picture and motion picture? Finally, is the widely held opinion that “film has brought the art history from academic highs to pop-culture lows” legitimate? Or – on the contrary – is it helped in the popularization of the discipline? These are only a few selected areas which are proposed for discussion.